Star*Drive 2525: Hunting for Fun and Profit

Session 11 -- Crazy Motherf-----!!

Plan? Who needs a plan??!?!

Sinon establishes a mental link to Seamus in order to determine the proper location for the ambush to take place. Meanwhile Seamus takes off for the club to contact Phil. Phil meets him and they head through the bar to a large casino, encountering a few well-dressed and well-armed guards. He’s lead to a back room where Tigerlord lounges with a large contingent of his crew, probably twenty of them or so. Tigerlord nods and brings him over, indicating that they don’t want to let any bounty hunters through and that someone is going to ask Seamus some questions. He’s taken into a backroom with an older human woman who invites him to sit; Seamus declines. The woman asks for his hands, identifying herself as a mindwalker. Seamus refuses, indicating that he doesn’t deal with psionic stuff and doesn’t want someone else in his head. The two of them appear to be getting slightly fidgety at his reluctance, stepping backwards warily and reiterating that this is a mandatory part of his employment. We try to get Seamus to find a way to leave.

At this point the two guards have drawn their pistols. Seamus tries to get them to allow him to walk. One of the guards gets on the radio for instructions; Seamus observes that he seems to be tensing up, perhaps about to attack.

Meanwhile Gargoyle begins trying to sneak through an upper window in the establishment.

Seamus realizes that the room must be soundproofed – the casino outside is very loud but he can’t hear any of that. He decides to act first. He quick-draws his sword and strikes twice quickly at the weapon arm of the one that isn’t on the radio. One of the two blows lands but it’s enough to sever the arm; it plops to the floor uselessly. His buddy stops talking on the radio and tries to bring his weapon to bear, firing. Seamus is able to smack the weapon away and avoids being hit. The psionic woman begins screaming futilely in the soundproof room. With his remaining hand the wounded guard draws his sword awkwardly, as if he’s holding it in his off-hand.

Seamus flies at the other guard, striking twice at his weapon arm and hitting both times. Another arm joins the first on the ground with another dull thud. His second strike hits the man’s chest, dealing a painful wound. The man joins his arm on the floor, unconscious. The first guard slashes at Seamus with an awkward swing but fails to connect. Sermons responds in a much more adept manner, taking two shots at his chest. However the man somehow evades both strikes. He responds with another wild swing that doesn’t connect. Meanwhile the psionic woman has stopped shrieking and has pulled a small pistol from somewhere. Seamus maneuvers to keep her as well as the armless guard in view together. He takes another swing at the guard who once again somehow evades; his responding attack yet again is inept. The psi woman aims awkwardly at Seamus.

Seamus charges at the woman, swinging his sword; her arm joins the guards’ on the ground. She falls to the floor in a heap along with her severed arm. The remaining guard tries to run up behind Seamus to attack him but as he’s missing an arm he’s off-balance and can’t hit. Seamus turns and attacks, landing his blow and cutting into him savagely. The guard somehow maintains consciousness and even is able to mount another attack on Seamus that yet again swings wild. Seamus’ response takes him through the chest with another nasty wound; he passes out shortly after.

Meanwhile Gargoyle has made his way to a lift and is working to cut his way through towards Seamus. He does so in short order and a chunk of ceiling falls into the room. Seamus is able to hop up to the second floor with Gargoyle. Seamus updates the rest of the party. Seamus waves to Gargoyle with an arm.

Outside Sinon continues to update the rest of the party on Seamus’ situation. The three of us outside walk up to the entrance and try to indicate to them that we’re requested by Tigerlord. Blake indicates to the guard that we’ve been asked to deal with Sharknado within the building who is raising a disturbance. The guard buys it and we’re let through quickly. Sinon demands the guard communicate to the other guards to let us come through without trouble; he complies and the four of them move quickly through the casino, readying weapons and gear. Out of game we briefly stop to realize that we’ve effectively kicked down the door prior to considering whether this was the plan of attack we wanted to take. We of course continue.

We prepare to breach the large private room that Tigerlord is within. Seamus takes a quick look inside the room from the opposite side, seeing a slice of the room and relaying it to the other side. Seamus keeps the guard’s hand with him in case it’s needed for security scanners.

Aiden slaps open the door. Gargoyle, coordinating with Sinon via Seamus and some telepathy, tosses a grenade in from the opposite side of the room. A table in the center of the room, along with its dealer, incinerated from the blast. Aiden looses a burst at each tigress who are both sitting next to Tigerlord in a corner. Somehow the two tigresses were already up and in motion as we kicked in the door. Both of them fling themselves wildly out of the way. One takes three rounds, her chest exploding as APHEX rounds hit her. The impact from the bullets sends her in the completely opposite direction despite her rushing forwards; she hits the ground, not moving. The second tigress is more fortunate and dodges all the rounds, still prone on the ground. Seamus moves up in his hallway. Blake fires a burst at one of the guys at a nearby table with his laser rifle; his chest disintegrates and explodes outwards. He expires messily. Benton also looses a burst at the nearest bad guy and badly violates his Hippocratic oath as the man’s chest explodes, flying backwards. The same story occurs with one near to Sinon.

The tigress hops up acrobatically but remains in place. Gargoyle steps forward and fires his grazer pistol at one of the injured men in the center of the room. He strikes once in the man’s back, dealing severe damage but not knocking him out of the fight. Aiden fires off another burst at the remaining tigress. Her chest explodes in its entirety and she also thuds to the ground, now quite inert. He also sends a tangled grenade at tigerlord but he manages to duck out of the way and avoids the attack. In response he quick-draws his pistol and fires off a few rounds at Aiden. Aiden flings himself wildly out of the way to avoid the attack and the shots miss. Seamus charges in directly at Tigerlord, leaping over a couch with some terrified and blood-splattered chicks on it, and misses as Tigerlord is barely able to pull out of the way in time. Blake takes a shot at another target, sending three shots across the room, but the man manages to avoid being hit. Benton does the same but with a few more shots, causing the man to explode through and through. Sinon takes aim at one of the veterans across the room with his rifle.

Tigerlord quick-draws a vibrokatana, stands up (apparently he was previously sitting on the couch). Gargoyle steps up and flicks his monowire whip to ready it. Aiden fires another tangled grenade at tigerlord but again tigerlord dodges, despite his use of luck to avoid missing. The burst of fire that Aiden also sends his way is dodged. He is not so fortunate against Seamus’ sword, however, which takes him in the sword arm. The floor claims yet another limb form Seamus’ sword as Tigerlord’s joins the party. That makes four arms on the evening so far. Amazingly Tigerlord is a wuss; he stares blankly at his stump of an arm and promptly passes out! Blake shoots at the same target across the room, this time doing much better. He takes bad wounds across his chest but somehow remains conscious. One of the vets across the room fast-draws his longarm from a holster and sprays Sinon and Blake with a long burst of fire. Sinon dodges out of the way dexterously, managing to keep his sights aligned on the man; the shooter misses Blake entirely. The man who Blake just shot passes out. One of the other nooks fires sixteen shots at Sinon, who can’t quite get out of the way. Fortunately his armor is more than up to the task. He returns fire to his target across the room, landing three shots to the torso; the man promptly passes out.

Gargoyle steps up a short distance and fires at the one remaining member of Tigerlord’s crew; he expires messily.

With his crew dead Seamus pulls his gun and covers Tigerlord, demanding he surrender. We begin to ponder how we’re going to manacle Tigerlord as he’s without one arm now. We demand the noncombatants lock themselves in the back room.

With that we end for the night. We all get five character points.