Star*Drive 2525: Hunting for Fun and Profit

Session 12 -- Tigerlord Subdued

What now?

Smoke has erupted from a fire in the center of the room from the plasma grenade. The fire suppression system kicks in and white foam covers the floor quickly. A blaring fire alarm sounds. We realize that the room has security cameras so likely building personnel just watched us decimate the room.

We move quickly back the way that Seamus and Gargoyle came to head back through the hole in the ceiling. Sinon directs Benton to give Tigerlord something to sedate him for the trip and he falls unconscious shortly thereafter. Tigerlord is bleeding a bit as well so he tries to make some hasty fixes. Unfortunately he does it a bit too quickly and bungles the job. However he’s unaware and has no reason to think otherwise so we move on.

20 seconds elapse while Benton works on Tigerlord. Meanwhile Aiden and Seamus work on putting together an easy way to get upstairs via the hole. Blake watches the door to the room they’re in while Sinon climbs upstairs to watch that room. We make our way upstairs into the guest room. Gargoyle removes our chair we used to ascend up the floor to make it less obvious that we went up that route. We don’t see a heat source through the door. Sinon grabs a bedsheet and wraps Tigerlord in it to disguise his identity.

We get set to move. Seamus will carry Tigerlord. Aiden, Blake and Gargoyle take point so that Gargoyle can find the way out with his enhanced spatial sense. Sinon guards the rear. We still have our assault weapons out as we’ll either encounter security personnel in the building who will kill us or we’ll meet people we can intimidate with our weapons. We make our way out of the room.

Seamus shall henceforth always be referred to as Sharknado because it can be no other way.

We realize that we can easily exit by going to any exterior wall and cutting a hole in it, then dropping down via rope. We begin to make our way through the hallways. Down the corridor a ways Blake sees two casino guards beginning to round a corner up ahead. We notice them first. They’re decked out in combat vests and carry 6mm autorifles. Aiden elects to talk first; Blake and Gargoyle follow his lead. Blake complains about the fire suppressant foam, acting like a disgruntled guest (despite our automatic rifles and the guy in a sheet carried by Sharknado). They respond with confusion initially. We don’t stop walking and move past them. We take the first turn that comes up and they don’t bother following.

We make our way to an exterior room. It has a window but it’s not designed to open so we fix that with some laser torches. Sinon retrieves a rope from his backpack. Gargoyle goes out first to take a look around and takes a look around the area to make sure it’s safe to egress. Aiden barricades the door. While handing Tigerlord down we realized that he’s still bleeding heavily. Benton fixes his previous error and confirms that Tigerlord is now stabilized.

We’ve emerged into an alleyway. We take a moment to put our heavy equipment into our duffel bags. Aiden walks out of the alley and takes up a position in the area beyond – the front of the building, watching the scene. Prior to us leaving Sinon directs Aiden and Gargoyle to take a good look at the alley and the front of the building to try and locate cameras; we’re able to find a few spots. As we do so some guards come by the alley but they aren’t able to detect those who don’t go to look for cameras. We’re able to make our way away from the building safely.

Our next goal is to locate a safehouse to hole up in while Blake goes to retrieve our ship. We do some research and are able to locate an abandoned building not far away. However we realize that they likely have enough facial information to cause Blake to be easily recognizable. We decide it’s a good time to go out and obtain a disguise kit while Gargoyle works on downloading mad skillz. Sinon finds a good place to hide and keep watch in our safehouse while Benton and Sharknado monitor our captive. Benton sets up a drip of sedative to keep Tigerlord asleep. Gargoyle disguises Blake and Aiden and gets them ready to move. He then also goes off and finds a good place to hide and keep watch.

Blake and Aiden head out into town. The notice that casino guards are out and about, travelling in groups of three and obviously looking for someone. It’s clear from being around town that our profiles have been distributed and we are now wanted. Blake and Aiden manage to move through the crowd unnoticed. They wait several hours for a train and are able to ride it to Port Royal. All in all about 6-7 hours elapse and Blake and Aiden are able to make their way safely to the ship. Holo-chai verifies the safety of the ship while we were gone.

Blake and Aiden take our ship over to Santiago and park at the decrepit and uncontrolled spaceport. The law of the land involves whoever has the biggest weapon taking the prime parking locations. As we come in for a landing Blake detects two other ships trying to angle for the same parking spot we’re going for; only one space is available. As they see our approach one ship decides it’s not worth the trouble while the other accelerates to try and get there first. Blake is, of course, not to be outdone and he revs the engine in a mad dash. Aiden’s fingernails put new furrows into his command chair as Blake’s crazy flying unsettles him slightly. However he expertly pilots the ship down, managing to get position on the competitor and handily box him out. Blake is able to claim his landing spot without issue.

Now that the ship has arrived we prepare to move. Gargoyle disguises Sharknado and Benton while we keep Tigerlord wrapped up in his blanket. As this is a highly uncontrolled area nobody seems to particularly care as we walk out. We make it to the ship without incident.

As we take off for orbit we discuss our next move. After consultation we decide that we have time before delivering our bounty to Rogue, Inc and elect to go visit Pirate Island to try and track down what’s going on with the brainbug trade. Blake plots a course and we begin the relatively short trip to pirate island (26 hours). We get about a day of downtime.

During the day we take a bit to wake up Tigerlord so that Sinon can mind rape him for information. We’re able to determine that specialized codes are required to make a comm call to the island as well as special protocol available for the call itself (which we’re able to get). Unfortunately we’re not able to obtain any codes to use as Sinon is unable to maintain the psionic link.

Once we arrive Sinon is able to use his psionic abilities to triangulate the position of Pirate Island. He gets a bit lucky in locating the position, taking an educated guess on the second try, but is able to come up with the position.

Thanks to the excellent streamlining of the Talon Blake is able to easily pilot our ship down through the atmosphere. We alter the transponder and are able to employ some smart paint on the exterior to change registration numbers and coloration. The air is around 203 degrees F so some kind of environmentally sealed suit will be needed.

We end for the night and all receive three character points.