Star*Drive 2525: Hunting for Fun and Profit

Session 3 -- Monday Night Massacre

With limb chopping!

The scouting party wakes up the crew, and they ready themselves for dealing with the crew of the No Equal.

Sinon tries to get in touch with security regarding the content of his clairvoyance. It’s the “middle of the night” and nobody is currently on duty or responding to calls.

Sinon hears a hissing sound, which he attempts to track down with his clairvoyance / clairaudience. He tries switching his perspectives but while doing so the sound stops. Simon reports this via comms and moves towards the same terminal as the group.

Meanwhile everyone else gears up in combat loads which takes only a short time. While Aiden, Benton and Gargoyle take the main entrance Seamus, Sinon and Blake come in a side entrance at one end of the terminal in what looks like a cargo loading area with a large cargo elevator and a stairway. The three of them sneak up the stairways, ghosting in and managing to find their way up to the main level of the terminal. Meanwhile Aiden, Benton and Gargoyle open the main door. Aiden is able to use a small fiber optic cable to peek around the corner, not seeing anything out there as of yet. Aiden then peeks his head around, as does Gargoyle. They notice that the locking mechanism on the gate doors for a couple of food stands across from their exit look to have been sliced open. Aiden and Gargoyle cautiously move forward as does Benton, who takes a bit more cover. Aiden directs Gargoyle to look in the entrance chamber behind them to make sure it’s clear before proceeding towards the second group.

Meanwhile the stealthy group exits the stairwell and clears the immediate area around them. Sinton checks the far corner on his side and then takes the corner of their area, covering their advance, while Seamus checks on a cargo storage area on the opposite side and Blake comes up behind the two of them, also taking cover.

Suddenly we hear the door to another of the landing platforms (the one with the Red Hook at it) opens and their crew jumps out of the entrance, loaded for bear. They hop out, a bit surprised. Rackham sees us sneaking around and holds up his rifle, gesturing to Aiden as to whether it’s all clear or not. Aiden gestures back that he’s unsure and points towards the area we suspect. Their people take up covered positions. Aiden hops onto an encrypted radio channel with him. Rackham indicates that they noticed a disturbance in the terminal and offers his assistance. Aiden lets him know that’s not necessary but Rackham indicates that he’ll stick around to make sure his ship is protected. Aiden isn’t entirely convinced by his assumed motives and gets the feeling that they’re holding something back but doesn’t have further proof at this time.

Their T’sa skitters up next to Aiden as he works on directing Rackham’s crew along with ours into positions to breach. We count down and, at the signal, throw back the doors to the concession stands. Our breaching effort indicates they’re empty; we all mill out of the two rooms. At one of the concessions areas we note that a lock to the rear area of the room has been broken. Gargoyle is also able to make out some chipping to the paint; he concludes that there was a scramble up the wall with gecko pads. Indeed part of the ceiling seems to have been removed and then replaced poorly. Gargoyle comms this to the group. Gorblog can’t make out the same seam in the ceiling tiles that Gargoyle can make out; Gargoyle points it out to him.

Everyone begins to look upwards, moving out a bit from the concessions stand area. Sinon decides to forego further investigation and uses his psionic powers to locate the exact direction of their targets; he first asks Seamus, who he is next to, to cover him. After locating their target he points out the direction, giving exact coordinates and relaying them to the two groups. He then begins to move across the room towards Aiden to get a second reading to triangulate exact distance. On his way over, however, Gargoyle is able to just make out that Gorblog is about to try to chop off Sinon’s leg with his axe, which he easily succeeds in doing. At the same time the T’sa also opens fire on Gargoyle who takes a painful hit to the chest. At the same time psi-chick stares intently at Aiden’s crotch, who feels as though something is squeezing his nuts fiercely; unfortunately it never gets bad enough to cause much pain; he gets the sense that the attempt failed. Rackham then pulls out a grenade and lobs it over in between Blake and Sinon’s prone form. He stares dumbly at it for a second.

Gargoyle flies up a bit higher and takes aim with his weapon. Aiden aims down his sight, his cybernetic enhanced eyes locking onto the form of the T’sa, and looses a vicious burst at the creature’s face. The T’sa flings himself to the side wildly but still takes several rounds to the skull; his helmet proves strong enough to contain the large spray of brains that erupt from the back of his head. Aiden steps back around the wall, back into cover. Blake finally comes to his senses but isn’t able to take any other actions. Seamus shakes suddenly and quick-draws his sword then steps up but manages to completely miss the Weren right in front of him with his jab. Rackham readies his rifle as his plasma grenade goes off. Blake isn’t able to quite jump out of the way and the blast throws him backwards into the wall next to him. His armor takes some of the impact but he still is badly burned. Benton runs over to him and begins to pull Blake backwards into cover to give him medical aid. Psi-chick steps around her corner and turns her gaze towards Gargoyle, staring intently at him. His rifle arm suddenly is pulled to his side, grappled by her psionic attack. He tries to break free but can’t yet. Sinon continues lying onto he ground, shuffling back a step towards Aiden and propping himself up on one elbow as he takes aim at psi-bitch across the room. Aiden leans around his corner and, not seeing Rackham, lines up a shot at psi bitch and fires. Two rounds hit but neither seems to deal significant damage to her as a shimmering of the air intercedes. Seamus finally is able to strike at the arm of the huge Weren, wounding it enough that he will be a bit slower to bring his weapon to bear.

The ceiling explodes at the far end of the terminal while the No Equal crew drops down to the floor. Meanwhile Rackham sprays the wall opposite where Aiden is standing; his rounds manage to miss him as bullets whiz by above Blake and Benton. Gorblog mutters something about being sorry and, while he can’t quite swing his halberd is able to deceptively prod it at Seamus, dealing a painful wound to his chest. Benton pulls Blake further backwards into cover while Blake lies there and bleeds. Psi bitch again stares back at Gargoyle and tries to further restrict his arm; he thrashes around and is able to avoid her getting a better grip. Sinon lets loose a long burst aimed at psi bitch but she’s still able to block it. Aiden takes aim and fires a few rounds at Rackham, managing to nail him directly in the head. Gargoyle flies around a corner, breaking psi-bitch’s hold on him. Seamus recovers from his wound enough to slash at the Weren’s arm, who can’t quite defend with his halberd in time. His sword manages to pierce his armor but the wound doesn’t look so severe.

One of the cowboys who has just landed on the floor turns towards psi bitch and opens up with an autoflechette shotgun on her; she promptly passes out. One of the other cowboys fires at Gorblog, hitting him several times in the back. Benton has pulled Blake far enough into cover that he’s able to whip out some bandage spray and apply it to the entire front of Blake. Sinon manages to bring his rifle to bear on the back of the Weren’s head and is able to put a round through the unarmored rear of his skull. The creature falls over like the sack of shit he is.

One of the cowboys runs over to Sinon to apply bandage spray to his still-bleeding leg. Thaddeus Burns and the other two cowboys walk over to ask if we’re OK. One of them gives first aid to Sinon. The T’sa’s head is pulped, Gorblog the Weren is bleeding badly including a nasty head-wound. Psi bitch continues to bleed but does not immediately expire. Rackham likely will not last very much longer; not a single fuck is given. Benton is able to give some more first aid to other members of the group with lesser injuries.

We talk with Burns, discussing how he just happened to be in the right spot in the ceiling to intercept the bounty as it would have arrived. Nevertheless we all discuss the matter and agree that we owe him a split of the bounty for their services. We gather up the weapons of the assailants to add to our shipboard gun locker.

Sinon gets carried over to the medbay to have his leg re-attached and we retire for some booze and healing. Benton spends several hours reattaching Sinon’s leg, which he does competently. We all get three character points.