Star*Drive 2525: Hunting for Fun and Profit

Session .5--A New Start

Which Might Be Hopeful!

(This was a half session, at best. We started only after the players finished building PCs and equipping them.)

We pick up where the prologue ends. We’ve been making jumps through drivespace for a few weeks now on our way to Aegis. It’s June 2nd, 2525. We’ve just made starrise in the Aegis system; our navigator Blake has not failed his astrogation roll we come out a reasonable distance from the colony. He also fails to fail his navigation roll and manages to locate the colony, about three days out from the planet. However now that we’re at Aegis we begin to consider what we’re supposed to be doing here or who we should try and locate. Taking the logical course we begin moving towards the planet. We realize that with a vague idea of the ship’s cost for basic operations we’ll need to raise some money to continue operations. We decide to look on the local grid for records of Mordechai’s last visit or perhaps any holdings on the planet.

About an hour into our trip to the planet all power suddenly goes out in the ship; we’re coasting along completely blindly – no lights or anything else. We shout for Peter Benton, the doctor/engineer/computer hacker, to find out what happened. Unfortunately Peter can’t immediately see the cause; he begins investigating. As soon as he begins checking into it however the reactor spontaneously starts up and power begins to restore to the ship. Blake is able to quickly find that the ship’s mass transceiver just downloaded a packet of information of unusual size; a big file structure of some kind. Then something actually unusual (hah) happens. Next to Aiden’s captain’s chair a piece of flooring begins retracting and a small pedestal rises with a holoprojector attached. It hums to life, displaying a small image of Mordechai.

Holo-Mordechai looks around and states that he must be dead. He asks for the entire crew to be assembled, which we do. The projection states that he’s a recording of the personality matrix of the original Mordechai, updated every time he visits Aegis. He states that the ship now belongs to all of us, each with a 1/6 ownership stake, and that he requests his death be avenged, that we must “set things right.” Holo-chai states that he’ll record voice authorization codes for each of us and that a majority of the crew must authorize for the stardrive to be activated on the ship. He expresses various confidences in all of our various abilities to successfully “set things right.” We ask how he’d like his body disposed of; Holo-chai indicates that he’d prefer that his body be shot into drivespace, with his armor. He states that he’s currently looking for good bounty hunting jobs within the system for us to pick up. Gargoyle asks what he knows about Airibos, the lord of the underdark or whatever. Holo-chai is only willing to state that we’re not nearly ready to take him on at this point. Blake also asks whether we have any resources available for maintenance/refueling of the ship. Holo-chai states that he has an account on-planet that we can use to refuel the ship.

Holo-chai turns on a display console on the ship, bringing up the image of a caucasian male, Tag Morris. He’s a former engineer at Ion Productions, who apparently stole IP and sold them to a competing shipyard, Thorn shipyards. There’s a 100,000 bounty on his head, placed by Scott Williamson. Williamson wants Morris brought back alive. Holo-chai reminds us that Williamson has also applied criminal charges in the Alundral system, which should give us the go-ahead. He fled Aulandril via a liner as soon as he realized they were after him and should have arrived on Aegis about seven days ago. How convenient! We happen to have 2.8 days of transit time until we arrive.

With that we end for the night.