Star*Drive 2525: Hunting for Fun and Profit

Session 6 -- Pirate Island!

Also, "game called on account of humidity"

We return to the ship to confer regarding our next move. We all agree that we would like to extract information from Rufus Reynolds in search of Tigerlord. How we would go about doing that is up for debate, whether we use coercive options to try and get what we want from him or whether we decide to accept his offer (whether we intend to actually carry it out or not) as a lead towards Tigerlord.

Gargoyle messages Rufus for more information about the task to help us make a decision. Rufus responds that Tigerlord is going to a pirate enclave orbiting Dione around Lucullus C; the area is called Pirate’s Cove. Rufus indicates that we won’t be able to find it without their com codes. The planet is 2-3 times the diameter of Earth but is nearly completely covered in water with a surface pressure of 5 atmospheres and an average of 95 degrees C with a high rotational period. As such environmental gear would be required to operate on the planet. Additionally the planet’s high temperatures, steam-filled atmosphere and the radiation of the Lucullus system makes visual detection and analysis by normal means not possible. Rufus indicates that he may know who has the codes, if we agree to his deal.

Gargoyle is interested in potentially taking on Pirate Island on Dione to rid the system of lots of pirates and to remove an option for Tigerlord to sell his loot. Sinon is of the opinion that perhaps Pirate Island might represent biting off more than we could chew and that perhaps we should focus on capturing Tigerlord at Santiago.

We finally elect to turn down Rufus and go to Santiago to look around, gather intelligence, and plan how we’re going to snatch Tigerlord. We can take a shuttle down from the station we’re docked at; we go back to the ship first to grab beaver arms for our expedition.

For that we stop for the night as it’s super humid and super warm and uncomfortable. We each get one character point while Gargoyle earns two for pushing the investigation.