Star*Drive 2525: Hunting for Fun and Profit

Session 8 -- Yes, They Are After Us!

Part 1 of "Big Fight in Partially Abandoned Building"

We resume!

There are 5 heavily armed men converging on our building, where we’re set up in a makeshift medlab on the 18th floor. Sinon is across the street, set up in his camo gear. Seamus is taking the elevator up, and presses all the buttons for every floor. He changes his mind and elects to take the stairs from the 14th floor onward. Gargoyle sneaks out of a side window and flies down to street level. The armed men make it through the lobby, and decide to take the stairs as well.

The group sets up some cover out of furniture and rubble on the 19th floor. Gargoyle picks up Sinon with some effort and flies him up outside to the 19th floor. He gives Aiden one of the two grenades he had smuggled in his flesh pocket.

We hide, redecorate the floor a bit, set up positions, and wait.

We hear signs of them attempting to quietly approach, with some heavy breathing from the trek up the 19 floors. One shape quickly moves up, not stopping on our floor. A second moves in a very odd manner, using 4 limbs to climb up the center of the stairwell. A shape gets to the staircase, stops, gets to the door, and stops. Its face is not visible, they have a form-fitting greyish-black plasticy substance covering it. Their cloaks have moved to form around them.

A monotone voice asks us for the body, any evidence we collected, and any data, and that then we will be free to go. We respond by (hopefully) giving them a body, and chucking a plasma grenade. Much like Ricky Bobby, he is on fire, though he dodged and dropped with surprising grace.

One of our adversaries moves in. Very quickly. He’s got a pistol-like thing that’s surrounded his hand, and a haze / smoky shortsword-like object. It looks reminiscent of Kroath bio-tech. He tries to shoot at Aiden. He misses, with some kind of quantum discharge.

We start shooting / stabbing / etc. Gargoyle slices one through the wall in the neck, Aiden shoots a burst off at one of the enforcers, thudding high-powered rounds into his chest. All attacks so far seem effective, but these guys are tough! Seamus slices one that moved through with a deceptive attack, but the enforcer dodges. Blake takes aim at ones vitals. Benton shoots one, but it grazes off its arm for minimal damage.

One of them slashes at Seamus, but the swing is poorly timed and whiffs.

The enforcer who got sliced through the neck takes one step forward and collapses. His buddy barely sees him collapse out of the corner of his eye. He attempts to fire at Aiden, and then unfortunately meets the business end of a monowire whip to his neck. His shots fly over his intended target as Aiden hits the deck. Aiden returns to a crouch. Seamus delivers a nasty slice through the torso of the enforcer who initially ate a plasma grenade. Blake follows up with 3 precisely aimed grazer pistol shots to the vitals, leaving some holes in critical places. It takes a moment for his body to realize precisely how dead it is about to become, and he then falls backward. Sinon follows up by shooting his laser pistol 3 times to the [RANDOM], which results in a hit to the right arm, the abdomen, and the chest. One of these is quite effective, rendering his right gun arm useless. He runs towards Seamus, shortsword arm swinging at him to the [RANDOM]! It lands, after Seamus fails to dodge. The" blade" is more of a corrosive attack, which hurts like hell, seems to eat away substantially at Seamus’ coat. Gargoyle makes a mighty swing at the adversary’s neck from behind. Blood is pouring down his body, but he’s still standing even after Aiden fires 3 rounds at his vital organs!

Seamus feels the curse of Rex from beyond time and space and fails his roll to remain conscious.

Sinon fires 3 quick shots, hoping to land somewhere that hurts. It’s enough to get him to finally fall over. Benton runs over to bandage Seamus, who is quickly conscious again and healing like a champ.

The enforcers start disintegrating! Seamus grabs a sample vial full of the disgusting gray ooze, and it corrodes through like blood from Aliens. Gargoyle attempts to collect some data with zoomed in visual recording. Sinon focuses his senses and attempts to find the large enemy with his Seeker Sense. He critically succeeds. Both are above us, spread out slightly. We end for the night there.

We each get 3 character points.

REMINDER OF MINOR RETCON: the guys, when they dissolved, WERE liquidy at first, but dried out to dust by the time 10 minutes had passed. But definitely wet at first.