Mordechai Hawke

Ruthless, efficient, honorable--and dead.


Mordechai Hawke (hey, I’m using the name from the PDF where the ship comes from…) is a fairly famous bounty hunter who operates the Talon, a surplus Lelantos-class Attack ship. For the past 40 years, Hawke has operated mostly in the Verge, but with the advent of starrift travel, has expanded his operations throughout the Stellar Ring as well.

He is known in bounty hunting circles as a ruthlessly effective hunter, and has brought in many large bounties during his career. However, Hawke is not a sadist. He views himself as a necessary component of the justice system, a cog in a great system that stands between civilized sapients and the degenerates of the Orion arm of the galaxy. He hunts because he likes it, he hunts because he’s good at it, and he hunts for the money. His motivation cannot be boiled down to any single source. Nonetheless, he is considered honorable, he follows the law whenever possible, but he will not slavishly abide by all laws in every jurisdiction if it would compromise his ability to complete the hunt and capture the mark. He does not take explicitly illegal bounties or pure “termination” bounties, even where legal, believing that his skills and talents are better used on more challenging marks—let the newbies get in gun battles in an attempt to commit legalized murder. However, this leaves plenty of room for him to take “Dead or Alive” bounties, and indeed, he has brought in several marks in the “dead” state. He does bond work and contract work as needed to pay the bills and keep up with maintenance on the Talon.

In the 18 months prior to the start of the campaign (which will be June 1, 2525), he hired a completely new crew—you guys. If asked about his previous crew, he will say they moved on and he’s now ready to hire a new one to continue his work. If pressed, he will simply ask if you want the job or not. For purposes of this game, I will be assuming you take the job (otherwise make a new PC who will take the job).

Mordechai Hawke

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