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  • The Beginning

    (GM Note: Keanes PC is in here as just (Keane)once I get a name, Ill fix it, but I wanted to post this bastard finally!)

    From the personal journal of Talons tech-medic, former Concord Marine Lt. Peter Benton

  • Session .5--A New Start

    (This was a half session, at best. We started only after the players finished building PCs and equipping them.)

    We pick up where the prologue ends. Weve been making jumps through drivespace for a few weeks now on our way to Aegis. It

  • Session 1 -- A Mexican Standoff...in Spaaace

    We still have a few days to burn so we continue to question Holo-chai about his past and available memories. He begins talking to us about how one of his crewmen was killed by a brainbug and be began hunting down the supplier, eventually locating a

  • Session 2 -- Of Space Cowboys and Telepathy

    The other ships in-system continue to move towards the planet still about two days out. About a half-day later Holo-chai informs us that the Star Mule looks to have made starrise and will arrive in about three days to the planet. We all retcon ourselves

  • Session 3 -- Monday Night Massacre

    The scouting party wakes up the crew, and they ready themselves for dealing with the crew of the No Equal.

    Sinon tries to get in touch with security regarding the content of his clairvoyance. Its the middle of the night and

  • Session 4 -- Clean Up on Aisle 4

    Psi chick looks as though shes going to pull through although the Weren expires messily. Were reminded that the hibernation pods on the ship wont prevent death a la freeze field; a dying person will still expire inside. Benton looks

  • Session 5 -- The Pirate's Den

    We spend a few weeks traveling to Lucullus. Sinons leg finally finishes healing and we learn quite a bit more from the teachings of Holo-chai. Blake is able to plot us a jump that gives us about 11au to travel to our destination of Penance. On

  • Session 6 -- Pirate Island!

    We return to the ship to confer regarding our next move. We all agree that we would like to extract information from Rufus Reynolds in search of Tigerlord. How we would go about doing that is up for debate, whether we use coercive options to try and get

  • Session 7 -- Bodies and More Bodies

    Sinon elects not to head back to the ship to grab equipment as nobody else feels the need to. We proceed from Port Royal to Santiago via train, about 5-6 hours via high speed train. As we pull into the station we notice groups of well-armed, organized

  • Session 8 -- Yes, They Are After Us!

    We resume!

    There are 5 heavily armed men converging on our building, where were set up in a makeshift medlab on the 18th floor. Sinon is across the street, set up in his camo gear. Seamus is taking the elevator up, and presses all the

  • Session 9 -- Fights, Fights, and More Fights

    Nearly 15 minutes elapse while we treat Seamus wounds and secure the area. Sinon re-locates the two hostiles, finding they have moved into the stairwell, which Aiden is now guarding. Sinon waits ten seconds after getting their location the first

  • Session 10 -- Treading Water

    We resolve some betting question regarding Seamus cage match.

    We review video of the cage match and our recording of Tigerlord and his entourage. Tigerlord looks mostly unmoved with the exception of a wry smile at the throat-ripping. The

  • Session 11 -- Crazy Motherf-----!!

    Sinon establishes a mental link to Seamus in order to determine the proper location for the ambush to take place. Meanwhile Seamus takes off for the club to contact Phil. Phil meets him and they head through the bar to a large casino, encountering a few

  • Session 12 -- Tigerlord Subdued

    Smoke has erupted from a fire in the center of the room from the plasma grenade. The fire suppression system kicks in and white foam covers the floor quickly. A blaring fire alarm sounds. We realize that the room has security cameras so likely building

  • Home Page

    Star*Drive 2525 Hunting for Fun and Profit

    Dark gritty wondrous and wild: Science fiction with attitude

    Star*Drive is one of my favorite science fiction settings, merging a classic Traveller

  • Main Page

    Star*Drive 2525 Campaign Wiki

    This is the Main Page for the Star*Drive: 2525 Campaign Wiki. Below, you will find links to various portions of the wiki. I will be building this out as time progresses.

  • Running the Talon

    Ship Expenses

    This will come up, so heres the deal: Im going to try to avoid super complicated Excel spreadsheets for costs of flying the ship, BUT I have to assume some kind of expense system.


  • Gear Locker

    The Talons Gear Locker

    Mordechai Hawke kept a fair amount of gear in the empty cryotubes. At the beginning of the game, this is whats left.

    Melee Weapons

    1. 2x Vibroknives
    2. 2x Stun Batons

  • Bounty Hunting

    The act of bounty hunting in the S*D setting depends greatly on where you are looking for your mark/acquisition/target. Generally, most jurisdictions will allow some forms of bounty hunting to varying degrees.

    There are three main types of

  • Character Generation

    200 points, -45 disads, -5 quirks
    Using Alternate Talent costs from Power-Ups 3: Talents
    Max Unmodified Human Characteristics: ST 20, DX 15, IQ 15, HT 15 (aliens apply their modifiers to these maximums)

    +10 points for backstory

  • Racial Templates

    Standard PC Races

    Human, 0 Points
    The typical human has no template. However, the humans of the Stellar Ring have strong cultural (and sometimes biological) factors that affect their basic

  • Psionics

    Power Clarifications

    1. Telespeak replaces Telesend, but Telereceive still exists.
    2. Psychic Vampirism and Probability Alteration are banned.
    3. Biokinesis powers are available, use Alternitys

  • Shooting Stuff

    First, I recommend you check out this handy list of useful Combat Software.

    Dodge This!

    The Dodge This Pyramid article provides several suggestions for making dodging bullets

  • Combat Software

    Star*Drive, like most sci-fi settings, has powerful and ubiquitous computing. Everyone should have a computer on them at all times. A common choice is a computer gauntlet, but other types, such as an implanted nanocomputer or handheld dataslate are

  • Shooting Skill Summary

    The following calculations assume a HUD used with Targeting Software (+2).

    Unaimed Fire

    Attack: Skill+3-Range/Size/Etc. (ignore up to -3 darkness)
    Committed Attack

  • Skills and Traits

    There are few skills and traits I want to remind everyone of, and this may necessitate some skill point manipulation.



    Reputation will largely be a GM-controlled group advantage and will be critical to

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