Gear Locker

The Talon’s Gear Locker

Mordechai Hawke kept a fair amount of gear in the empty cryotubes. At the beginning of the game, this is what’s left.

Melee Weapons

  1. 2x Vibroknives
  2. 2x Stun Batons
  3. 1x Pulse Baton

Ranged Weapons

  1. 1x M9 9mm Charge Pistol w/3 empty mags
  2. 1x Stormbolt 9 10mm Charge Pistol w/3 empty mags
  3. 1x M900 10mm Charge SMG w/4 empty mags
  4. 1x M111 8mm Charge Rifle w/4 empty mags
  5. 2x Samurai 900 Laser Pistols
  6. 1x ALR-25 Heavy Laser Rifle w/4x CTS (Night Vision Enhancement)
  7. 2x Condor X7 Stutter Pistols


  1. 200 rounds of 9mmCLP
  2. 400 rounds of 10mm CLP (used for both the pistol and SMG)
  3. 150 rounds of 8mmCL
  4. 10 C cells (2×3 cell ALR “e-clips” and 2×2 cell Samurai 900 “e-clips”)
  5. 4 C cells (2×2 cell Condor e-clips)


  1. 2x Haramaki 100 CF Coats
  2. 1x Milano GX CF Bodysuit
  3. 1x Dauntless 29 Attack Armor (battered and dented, but functional)

Heavy Weapons

Hidden away from view until after Hawke’s death, there is a “special” compartment accessible from the cargo bay, the heavy weapon hiding spot contains the following:

  1. 5x fragmentation hand grenades (64mm and Smart)
  2. 5x plasma hand grenades (64mm and Smart)
  3. 2x IML w/64mm HEMP warhead

Miscellaneous Equipment

  1. 4x Air Masks with 4 small air tanks and 4 large air tanks.
Loot from the Mercs
  1. IF-3 11mm Charge Rifle w/ 3 mags (1 is APHC)
  2. Nova 6 Mass Pistol
  3. AGC-10 Flechette Rifle w/ 2 mags
  4. Annihilator Mk IX 15mm Magnum Superheavy Charge Pistol w/ 2 mags
  5. Starfire Graser Pistol x2 w/ 1 e-clip each
  6. G-90K 6mm Autorifle w/3 magazines APHC rounds
  7. Hyperdense Chuurkhna
  8. Vibroknife x2
  9. Monoblade Dait’sya (monoknives) x2
  10. Trauma Pack II
  11. Mini Laser Torch
  12. Multi-Tool
  13. Bandage Spray Can
  14. Average Computer Gauntlet x3

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