House Rules

Signature Gear and Trading Points for Money: I’m not using the totally broken RAW. Instead, use RPK’s house rules for them: Money Rules.

Replacement PCs: Replacement PCs will all start at 200 points. Experience will not carry over between PCs. If a single PC reaches extremely high point values on his own, then that’s fine, cinematic ability can creep in. However, the campaign power level will not automatically rise to those levels if PCs are dying.

Familiarity: We are making full use of the Familiarity rules. See B169.

Combat Rules

We are using the following optional combat rules:

  1. Body Hits, HTXXX
  2. Technical Grappling (the whole book)
  3. Everything under Shooting Stuff
  4. Bullet in Your Head (TS, face hits penetrate to skull on a 1)
  5. Tactics and Soldier
Armor Layering

The thing most relevant to this discussion is that I gave light tailored armor a Holdout modifier of +0 and ruled that at a Holdout modifier of +0 the item looks like normal clothing. Medium tailored armor is -1, Heavy tailored armor is -2. It’s possible to purchase a modification to these armors that reduces the Holdout modifier, thus allowing things like Heavy Trench Coats. A single layer of light armor can be worn underneath heavier armor with no layering penalty. Clamshells cover torso and abdomen hit locations, while trauma plates only cover the torso, and clamshells can be heavier than trauma plates.

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House Rules

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