The Talon

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The Talon is your starship. It is a surplus Lelantos-class Attack Vessel sporting a rather formidable armament for a ship its size. It is capable of transporting 4 prisoners in cells and 11 more in hibernation chambers (though 4 of these 11 are currently used as “gear lockers”). The ship accelerates at a blistering 300 Gs and can do so for as long as its mass reactors remain powered. It is capable of a 15.73 ly starfall and has provisions for 4,000 man-days.

Its Gear Locker contains a variety of bounty hunting equipment including weapons, grenades, armor, and medical supplies.

Running the Talon contains information on ship expenses and the cost of refueling, rearming, and most importantly, paying yourselves.

Combat in the Talon

Dodge = (Piloting Skill/2) + Handling + Dodge Modifiers

Handling = +1

Dodge Modifiers = +2 with Deflection Inducer active; others depend on action

Thus, with Blake at the helm, total Dodge is 17/2+3 = 11 (12 if Blake increases his skill by 1 more!).

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The Talon

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