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Star*Drive, like most sci-fi settings, has powerful and ubiquitous computing. Everyone should have a computer on them at all times. A common choice is a computer gauntlet, but other types, such as an implanted nanocomputer or handheld dataslate are also possible. Having a HUD is highly recommended for interfacing with your computer when on the move.

Connecting certain peripherals to your computer also has benefits. Hooking up computers to sensors, even if it’s just a 3D Pocket Cam integrated into your helmet, is a good idea.

The following software programs are particularly useful in combat. As a team, you should ALL have a TacNet running on your personal computers so that everyone, but especially Aidan, receives the Tactics bonus.


Must be combined with a bevy of other sensors (sound detector, near miss indicator, ESM, and hyperspectral sensors), but will pick out the multispectral traces of beam fire and acoustic signature of projectile shots. The software will tell you where the shooter is and project this on your HUD if you have one. Additionally, it will share this info across a TacNet. Very useful. Provides a +4 to Vision rolls to pin down exact location of enemy attackers. Cplx 3, $50, LC2.

Identify Friend or Foe

See UT188. Syncs with a TacNet, makes it much harder to shoot your buddy by reducing max skill for Hitting the Wrong Target from 9 to 6. Cplx 2, $500, LC3.


This optical recognition program can identify targets of military interest and provide background or technical data. The quantity and accuracy of this information depends on the databases used. Cplx 5, $200, but the best databases are LC2 or even LC1. Commercial databases are LC4, but will lack certain technical information. Regardless, if the user has a HUD and attached camera, it is a free action to target an object and query the database. More information is in UT and P#3/55. This is considered Basic equipment for TL9+ Intelligence Analysis.


TacNet software must be running on each team member’s computer for it to provide its bonus. Cplx 5 (1 Tactics, etc), $1,000 or 6 (2 Tactics, etc), $3,000, LC2.

Further game effects are described on the previous wiki page.


This is a Memory Augmentation database for military or paramilitary personnel. See UT56. A more powerful version of Silhouette.


Specific software is needed for at least each separate skill. Realistically, driver support must be downloaded for each weapon. Regardless, the user must have a HUD linked weapon. Cplx 3 for +1 Guns, $500 and Cplx 4 for +2 Guns, $1500. LC 2


See UT47. Provides real-time translation services with at least Broken comprehension. Higher cost versions can provide up to Native comprehension. Cplx 3-5.

Visual Enhancement

See UT 56. Gives +1 to Vision rolls. Also automatically renders any TL8 camouflage useless (no bonuses from such equipment). Any TL9 or higher camouflage gear that has been specifically analyzed is at half-value. This is usually not available to civilians. Cplx 4, $1000, LC4.

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